16 May 2011

E2E virtualization conference Dublin 2011 / Day #2

Pubforum is no more, it’s now called E2E virtualization conference. The most of us think that it’s a good change to gain a more professional touch also for the sponsors by this rebranding.

Session # (Hyper-V Q+A)

Aidan Finn open a 15min Q+A session about Hyper-V. He’s the man if you have any issues or design questions about Hyper-V deployments.

Session #  (Nicke Kallen about App-V application virtualization)

  • About BP around virtualizing applications
  • What should be installed in the base image / what not . He pinpoints that most of the redistributable should be in the base image (C, C#, F#, j# C++, .NET).
  • What does the improvements with Office 2010 and App-V really mean?
    • Not much. There are still issues where it does not make really sense to virtualize Office on a fat client
    • Could be good for XenApp / VDI where you maintain a single image
  • Nicke shows a demo of 4.6 SP1 sequencer

A cool session at all. I’m glad to know that there is a guy out there who can help me out of difficulties while creating App-V Packages.

Session # (Daniel Wedel about Web Interface 5.4)

A really cool overview about news and hints, as well as BPs. I’ll wait for the presentation to be available.

Later on, Thomas Poppelgaard and Helmut Hauser showed us HDX 3D experiences and what it can / can’t provide at the moment.

Last Session for today was about IOPS, by Jim Moyle.

He pinpoints the pain in the  *ss topics around large scale VDI deployments, what IOPS is all about , how it can be measured and which methods can be used to be more flexible.

After all, now it’s time for some networking.