25 Aug 2009

Microsoft App-V Application Virtualization

Because there are a lot of useful docs, links and other useful information about MS AppV (formerly SoftGrid), I tried to help myself and others to keep this stuff a bit together for future use.

Useful Websites:
SoftgridGuru (nice forum for all kind of questions and answers around AppV)
MS AppV Support KB for searching Error Codes
SFTDownloads (free available  App-V packages)
App-V Technet Forum
OSD File explained in detail
Tim Mangan’s blog

App-V Support Blog
MS App-V recipe forum

** Microsoft Whitepaper Suite (Version 4.5)
How to interpret an App-V Errorcode

Using filemon and regmon to debug app-v apps

App-V Sequencing Deep Dive (from TechEd 2008)

App-V Publishing Server and Client interaction (behind the curtain)

Using 4.5 32/64 Bit packages with App-V 4.6

A few useful tools developped by the awesome Login Consultants

stay tuned!