10 Oct 2010

PubForum 2010 Berlin – 2nd conference day

Session #1 Rick Dehlinger about BYOC

Rick talks about an actual project where he’s currently into. Some interesting topics about universal workplace.

  • Datacenter / System consolidation
  • Active directory rationalization, simplification
  • Desktop refresh to Win7 x64
  • Application portfolio management / rationalization.

Project solution stack:

  • User virtualization (Appsense)
  • Printer virtualization (thinprint)
  • App virtualization (AppV, Citrix)
  • Presentation virtualization (XenApp 6)
  • Server virtualization (vSphere)

Just a cool session about a complex project and what a consultant has to deal with.

Session #3 HDX 3D from Roland Grass and Martin Rhode

HDX3D is a currently a beta add on feature on top of XenDesktop to bring rich graphics to the end user for high denanding applications in a centralized desktop environent. It’s intended to replace high end workstations under the desk with centralized desktops in the datacenter and deliver the grahpics to remote devices.
HDX3D  With nVidia CUDA staff HDX is capturing encoded frames and sends this stream as a H.264 video to the client. If you don’t have a nVidia the CPU is rendering the JPEGXR stream. Beside the existing solutions from Teradici and HP I think the Citrix one rocks! So far we’ve seen it working very well even over high latency connections.

Session #4 RES Software, a day @ RES Software support

The guys from RES SW support team explain on some slides their daily life @ support. A lot of interesting problems get outlined, some interesting stuff at all. As I watched their website I noticed a product called VDX (virtual desktop extender), which enables you to seamlessly integrate local apps into a virtual desktop sessions. That’s an interesting approach if we think about applications we can’t or we don’t want to deliver within the vitual deaktop session.

Session #5  Jorge Luis about Cloud computing stuff

A nice presentation about cloud computing, what it is,  and what it is not. Pros and cons and the common dangers are also beeing outlined.

Alex later on guides us a bit trough berlin, very nice but a little bit cold 🙂