14 May 2011

Pubforum Dublin 2011 / Day #1

Session #1 (Jim Moyle and Andrew Wood about “Nirvana Phone”

Using a single device for every computing and communication with a hypervisor. A nice discussion about having a primary computing device for everything. The basic idea behind is that you have a single, portable small form factor device with multiple OS on it and a lot of connectivity and add on stuff, like plugin in into a netbook device, a large screen device, etc.


Session #2 (Simon Frost about the Consumerazation of IT)

BYOC, today employees are excpected to be more flexible, IT has to support that. So where are the pain points?

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Malware / Virus outbrakes
  • IT has to support “unknown” devices which may be in a horrible state
  • Tablets & Smartphones are hard to manage, because they aren’t designed for beeing managed

Whynot providing enterprise app stores to gain flexibility for users while staying within bounds of IT / Security?

Session # 3 (Shawn Bass about “Making Sense of Desktop Virtualization”)

What is Desktop virtualization about? what do companies try to achieve by implementing desktop virtualization?

  • Hardware abstraction
  • Loosley coupled OS, Applications, Data, Settings
  • Mobility
  • Faster Provisioning
  • Rapid Desktop DR
  • Effectively manage branch infrastructure
  • Optimize OS Migrations
  • Reducing costs for application delivery, shorten time to market
  • Support work from hom initatives

Again a lightening fast speaking Shawn Bass with great content.

Session #4 VMware Ireland about..

Agility, Costs, Security Concerns, Consumerisation of IT. A pretty cool walk around covering products and initiatives from VMware

Session #5 Aidan Finn about Microsoft Private Clond Computing

SCVMM 2012 (new from the ground)

  • Manage 3rd party hypervisors (vSphere, Xenserver)
  • Bare metal Hyper-V deployment, Patch management
  • Dynamic Optimzation (like VMware has its DRS)
  • Power Optimization
  • PRO (Integrate with SCOM to respond on application-level performance monitor

Project Concero

  • A Web portal to integrate public cloud (Azzure) with private cloud (SCVMM)

Last session of today (I’ve visited) was Profile Migrator Demo from Helge Klein. A pretty cool tool which helps admins out of the common “where are my settings” hell while doing client migrations.