06 May 2013

Refreshing a Virtual Machine in SCVMM fails with error: 13992


  • You’re using SMB based storage for virtual machines on your Hyper-V hosts
  • You have virtual machines with attached AND shared ISO images on a share or the SCVMM library
  • You remove and re-add the host running the corresponding VMs in SCVMM
  • You re-register the SMB file share to the cluster or host
  • You refresh the virtual machines inventory



Each VM with a previously attached, shared ISO image fails to refresh with the following error message:

As a result the VM is in an “Unsupported VM Configuration” state and there is no way to get rid of the attached ISO within SCVMM Console or SCVMM Powershell CMDLETs.



It seems that the ISO files previously attached in shared mode have a direct reference to the SMB file share of the virtual machine files, even if the ISO is located on an independent share or SCVMM library share.



Of course we’ll use Powershell here as we are lazy and don’t want to click around for a fair amount of time.

  1. Get all the VMs with the corresponding error state
<pre>Get-SCVMHost HV7 | Get-SCVirtualMachine | ? {$_.Status -eq 'UnsupportedSharedFiles'} | Select Name,State,VMHost</pre>
  1. For each affected VM open a Powershell Remote Session to the corresponding host and detach all connected ISO files
<pre>Get-VMDvdDrive -VMName SomeVMName | Set-VMDvdDrive -Path $null</pre>

If the VM is clustered you have to install the Clustering Powershell Module. (Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-Clustering-Powershell)

Also you’ll get a Warning message while detaching the ISOs on a clustered VM, but you can safely ignore this one.

If someone finds a way to do that in a one liner from remote, please let me know. The Clustering CMDLETS lack in remoting capabilities IMHO.