16 Jul 2014

Updated: Service Management Automation White Paper

In February 2014 I released a Service Management Automation white paper on TechNet. It became quite popular, so I decided to make this an ongoing project. I decided to release an update to the document at least 3 times a year. So my next editor round came along a request from Aleksandar Nikolic, the co-founder and editor of the famous Powershell Magazine. He also invested a fair amount of time to review my SMA white paper. A lot of useful and interesting comments where the result and along with other additions from myself, i’ve put all together into a version 1.04. The most recent version is available by now on TechNet Gallery.

The most important changes / additions in a nutshell

  • Typo and PowerShell code corrections
  • Additional info on debugging / logging best practice
  • Workflow checkpoints
  • Code font / layout changed for better copy/paste support
  • Info on how to completely author SMA Runbooks in Powershell_ISE

From the feedbacks I got from readers and automation folks, the white paper is good for beginners, as well as for SC Orchestrator and PowerShell cracks willing to start the transition to SMA.

Keep calm and automate!